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So if you decide to get a truck hire sydney, then move in with your spouse again for four months, then move out again, the clock starts over at the latter point.

And for couples who are married less than two years, in order to get a divorce, they must not only comply with the 12-month requirement but will first need to attend a mediation session and obtain a certificate from your counselor.

Another thing that people assume, which is not necessarily correct is that the courts will automatically settle all the property rights, who retains the house, how much is the child support, etc.

In many cases, the couple comes to an agreement on such things and goes to the court with their proposed settlement. It is only when the couple cannot agree, will the court step in. And the settlement must be made within 12 months of the divorce.

From this, you see that divorces are very complicated in Australia. There are many rules to follow, and there are 7 major milestones in the court to tenure.

Also note that when children are involved, unless there is some kind of emergency involved, the court will not automatically step in. Instead, the courts expect the couple to negotiate or mediate the situation before you can make an application to the court to step in.

As to the division of property, the same logic of the courts adheres. The court would much prefer that the couple negotiate and mediate rather than make the determination to divide up the property.

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